Alchemy of habit and success
26. February 2018

An uncompromising image of the world

One of the most successful authors of the present is the writer Paulo Coelho.

The author of the internationally successful Alchemist comes with another exciting novel that points to the eternal fascination of wealth, popularity and prestige. The Book Winner is not in the traditional Coelho spirit. However, alongside the evolving story, Coelho uses a considerable area of philosophical reflection on morality, success, and the overall meaning of life, which is typical of his works. After the first pages, the book does not look either breakthrough or very intriguing, but everything is restored in the second half of the work with a surprising and unexpected end. The book The Winner is itself written in the form of a thriller, but Coelho himself says that “this is not a thriller but an uncompromising picture of the world we live in.”




For twenty-four hours, we will be transferred to Cannes, where the film festival takes place. The author tries to push the reader into the backdrop of fashionable machine and film. Many different people come to this world with a tinge of different dreams, visions. And yet they are all the same. They all want to crack. They can use their last chance to scent, not realizing that they voluntarily enter a trap that is no longer leaked. And this book is about trap and complete enslavement. Coelhov’s novel becomes a testimony to the crisis of values ​​in the world, focusing on the external effect.

The main figure is Igor, who, as the only one, does not come to Cannes with the intention of blasting others. Its reasons are totally different – both frightening and frosty. He came to a city where the superficiality and the illusion of perfection are being sold, destroying the world. Because of the woman who had left him and loved him above all. Or did you just upload it? The atmosphere of the festival, with the advent of Igor, is also undermined by a series of five murders.

The author’s power, glory, or life’s goals were taken by the author through the brief moments of life of individual characters. In something different, but in the same depth. The novel is a rich gallery of characters in which the reader will completely slip, without any superfluous descriptions, what the greatest, indeed, the glory of Coelh’s book – and also its greatest betrayal. Some readers are losing in life, passing through the lives of different characters, and so it becomes that the book fails. There is a moment of inattention and suddenly you do not know who is who and the point of the whole story is gradually escaping.

It was clear to the author that the tension on the book’s pages must be different. Some readers may feel that the work is over-sized and commercial. Coelho, however, considered his twelfth novel as a panorama of the contemporary world, which is based on a world of stars, a fake tint, a taxi and an adventure. The books do not miss the emotions, the great power, the tension and the irony that the author uses to describe the world so distant.



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